Fixed income products with higher returns.

Fixed, monthly returns
8-11% yield
Non-market linked

A platform for all

What is Juno?

Investor; Invest your money through Juno to enjoy fixed, monthly returns.

Juno; We partner with reputed NBFCs and help unite all parties.

Borrowers; Borrow money from partner NBFC's of Juno and repay it back with interest.

We care about you

Why choose Juno?

8-11% yield

Fixed, monthly



Everyone is welcome here

Through Juno you can invest in debt instruments with higher yields. Juno partners with the best in class NBFCs known for their loan quality and due diligence.

Juno is ideal for..

Enjoy monthly, fixed cashflow which supports you

Avail of higher returns
on your savings

Unlinked to the volatile stock market

Easy to use and doesn't
require much expertise

A fresh, new product
with infinite possibilities

Love to learn new things and invest smartly

Safely invest with us

Enjoy higher
returns compared
to fixed deposits

Easy to invest -
no paperwork

Bring Juno
to your investments.

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